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Research Initiatives

Carroll School is engaged in a major research study related to cognitive development. 

  • Dr. Eric Falke, who works on the Carroll campus daily, is developing educational interventions and orchestrating a controlled analysis of the impact of cognitive interventions on Carroll’s fourth through ninth grade students.  We are studying the effect of targeted cognitive interventions designed to help students struggling with reading acquisition. Read More…
  • Carroll is working with Dr. David Stevens, a Harvard-educated Developmental Psychologist, to implement cognitive development activities for children in Grades 1-4 and for all Carroll students in their math programs.  Read Moreā€¦

Carroll’s vision is that these research projects will lead us to the most effective programs to help remediate the difficulties that define language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.  We envision bringing cognitive development activities to the level of the proven techniques that we use to teach children to read.