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Innovation in Education

The existence of schools such as Carroll represents, in and of itself, a significant educational innovation. Schools that are dedicated to an atypical learning profile, in Carroll’s case dyslexia, are relatively rare. A program that is designed specifically for one type of learner is also innovative in a landscape of schools that are required to serve all children in their city or town.

Carroll balances curriculum, instructional practices, and programs that have helped children for 47 years at Carroll with compelling new interventions resulting from both research and implementation evidence. Carroll is so fortunate to be located in the Greater Boston Area, where an incredible amount of revolutionary research is underway about how the human brain learns. Carroll constantly seeks to combine the proven with the promising. The combination of interventions that Carroll uses reveals this balance with a set of innovative, evidence-based programs, such as Orton-Gillingham, RAVE-O, Visualizing and Verbalizing, Lexia Learning, Read/Write/Gold, Thinking Reader, Singapore Math, Thinking Through Math, Symphony Math, Stern Structured Materials, The Number Race, ReflexMath, Cognitive Development, Inspiration, and scores of web-based software applications.

Much of our decision making about educational innovation results from our associations with some of the most accomplished researchers in the fields of education, neuroscience, and technology. The Research Updates section of the Carroll website will keep viewers apprised of some of the research that we are following.