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Student-Centered Teaching at Carroll School
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How Do You Make Teaching Student-Centered? We Asked Some 8th Graders!

To get at the heart of one of our belief statements related to our student-centered teaching approach, we sat down with some Carroll 8th graders to chat about their experiences.

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Catching the Train
Steve Wilkins, Head of School Blog

One of Carroll’s most senior and revered alumni, David Arrow ‘79, recently commented that he used to think that education was a train that he was supposed to catch up to and jump onto. If he could run fast enough, he might be able to jump onto the train. Carroll helped him realize that “I am the train” and teachers need to learn how to catch up to me.

How We Talk about Race and Dyslexia
Steve Wilkins, Head of School Blog

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum's book entitled Can We Talk About Race? inspires us to consider the experience of students with dyslexia and our renewed focus on equity and inclusion at Carroll.

Writing a Community Contract Built on Students' Hopes and Dreams
Sue Kingman

In the Lower School, teachers and students start each year in classrooms brainstorming their hopes and dreams and how they want to describe their classroom expectations/rules for the year. Once the classroom goals and rules were established, it was time to root those ideas for shaping our Lower School Community Contract.

How to Set Up a Responsive Classroom
Amy Dempster

Lower School teachers are buzzing about Responsive Classroom this year. Maybe you’ve heard? Now in its fourth year at Carroll, Responsive Classroom (RC, for short) is an approach to teaching children that employs the idea that healthy, happy, and socially- and emotionally-secure students are stronger academic learners. Learn more.

The Role of the Teacher
Steve Wilkins, Head of School Blog

The role of a teacher is to take each child as far as she or he can go, as slowly as he or she needs. Read GEC's parable to understand how teachers can give each student an individualized education.

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