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Faculty & Staff Directory

Below is a listing of our Faculty & Staff members, which can be sorted by last name.  If you need to reach a Carroll School teacher or staff member, you can use their first initial and last name @ carrollschool.org; for example, Jane Doe would be jdoe@carrollschool.org.

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Heather Ahern

Language Teacher
Middle School (C8/9)

Eileen Archambault's picture

Eileen Archambault

Technology Specialist
Lower, Middle School


Judy Ball's picture

Judy Ball

Lower School Language (5)

Janet Ballou's picture

Janet Ballou

Middle School Language

David Barkin's picture

David Barkin

Associate Director of Admission

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Todd Bearson

Project Based Learning Dept. Head
Middle School (6,7,8)

Linda Beneke

Accountant & Administrator, Summer Program

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Alissa Benway

Middle School Department Head, History (7, 8)

Samantha Berg's picture

Samantha Berg

Middle School Language Focus Area

Linda Berns's picture

Linda Berns

Middle School Language (6,7,8)

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Haley Blacklow

Co-Director, Collaborative Master's Program

Caroline Boeckman's picture

Caroline Boeckman

Director, Annual Giving

Marion Bok's picture

Marion Bok

Middle School Language (8)

Lucy Bradley

GIFTT Supervisor/Tutor
Lower School Tutoring

Jennifer Brock

Head of Product, Cognitive Intervention and Research

Adam Brooks's picture

Adam Brooks

Middle School Performing Arts and Music

Donna Brown's picture

Donna Brown

Director of Risk Management & Special Projects, Assistant Director of Summer@Carroll

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Larry Brown

Division Head
Middle School (6,7,8)

Laurel Brown's picture

Laurel Brown

Middle School Math Teacher

Mark Bryan's picture

Mark Bryan

Middle School Counselor (6,7,8)

Sara Buscemi

Cognitive Development Support
Lower and Middle School


Megan Cairncross's picture

Megan Cairncross

Middle School Language

Gail Campbell's picture

Gail Campbell

Lower School Language

Johanna Chiotelis's picture

Johanna Chiotelis

Lower School Language

Hilary Collier

Language Teacher
Middle School