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The Role of the Teacher - Read Steve Wilkins latest blog

December 05, 2016

From our Head of School’s latest blog post:

Gec Washman - Carroll’s mythological guru whose name is a loose acronym for “give each child what she or he most needs” - inspires our thinking about how to educate children. In this edition, Gec offers the parable of the role of the teacher.

The role of the teacher is not what we generally experienced as children; the role of the teacher is not to be the Hogwart’s “sorting hat” that decides who can and who cannot achieve at high levels (see Dr. Jeffrey Howard’s life work). The job of the teacher is to take every child as far as she or he can go, as slowly as she or he needs. The responsibility of the teacher is to figure out how to take each child to the mountain top of his or her interests and passions.

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