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Commitment, Planning and Engagement: Helping Those in Need

February 26, 2013

It’s time for lunch on Monday and ten eager 6th and 7th grade students gather to share ideas, make plans, and consider: How can we raise money to support endangered animals? Five years ago, after extensive study, a Community Service group decided that they would support the World Wildlife Fund. Today, even though those first students have graduated, their mission remains the same— to increase awareness about and raise funds to help struggling species throughout the world. Last fall, this Community Service group organized a Haunted House for 6th and 7th grade students. They creatively decorated several rooms in Storrow House and organized games and a bake sale in the gym. The evening was a great success and this group made a generous donation to the World Wildlife Fund.

During lunch on Thursdays, another group of committed students makes plans to raise funds for the homeless. This philanthropic focus began five years ago as well when concerned students wanted to help those in need. After learning more about the causes of homelessness, this Community Service group decided to focus on helping children in homeless shelters. Our students started asking questions like, “What do homeless children do in a shelter on their birthdays?” This year, the Thursday Community Service group has gathered party supplies and birthday presents for homeless children and one way that the students raised funds this winter was by hosting a successful Valentine’s Day bake sale.

To learn more about our Middle School’s Community Service groups, read the Winter 2013 issue of The Connection which will be available soon.