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Beginning Readers' Creative Writing

March 04, 2013

In our Beginning Readers classes, Language Arts and Science are taught as integral units with our youngest students developing expressive language skills while also learning about Antarctica, its climate, and its wildlife. After reading a series of Tacky the Penguin books by Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger, our Beginning Readers students were inspired to write their own stories about the adventures of “Tacky” the Penguin.

Tacky Went to Martha’s Vineyard  by Charlie

Tacky goes to Martha’s Vineyard, where he makes it snow during the summer.

Tacky goes swimming in the hot tub and then goes ice skating on the pool. He falls through the ice and into the cold water.

Tacky Goes to Carroll School by Nora

Tacky feels really hot. To cool off, Tacky gets lost boogie boarding and ends up at Carroll School.

 Tacky Goes Somewhere by Jordan

While Tacky is Antarctica, he sees a worm hole.

Tacky Goes to Gymnastics by Dillan

Once upon a time, Tacky decided to go on an adventure to find gymnastics.

Tacky Goes Ice Skating by Clara

Tacky is carrying his own skates to head to his own ice rink. Tacky is trying to learn how to skate on the rink.

Tacky Goes to the Alps by Willem

Once upon a time there was an odd penguin named Tacky. Tacky lived in the South Pole and flew on a plane to the Alps.

Tacky Meets Someone Quite Peculiar by Skylar

Tacky is looking down at what is going on from the top of a snow peak.