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8th Grade "Stranger" Poems

February 25, 2013

In Ms. Feldman’s 8th grade Writing Composition class, students were asked to write a poem about a memorable stranger and to use sensory details and figurative language to develop this character in a poem.


The Trespasser

By Wyatt

 She was a person I never knew,

Her coat a dirty shade of blue.

She had gray and brown hair,

She blew pungent fumes into the air.


The Loco Lotioner

by John

every day at four,

I see her creeping to the store,

she has used up her lotion and wants more.


The Lady in Gray

By Mike


She moves in the direction of the brightest cab,

Stomping every step in her black 2” high heels.

Her lips thin and unthin as she howls

Her thick feminine voice into the black cased iPhone.



Billie Jean

By Kristen


The music plays,

People rise from their seats.

Some stumble,

Some a little lethargic,

Some energetic so they start dancing and singing.



There He is Again

By Nicolas

 There he is again,

sitting, thinking he is a king,

but, in reality, he looks like

a lazily piled snowman

against a brick wall,

that the heat could not,


and sadly never will melt.



Drunken Stranger

By Renee


I saw him.

Wobbling across the street,

Showing no mercy for what he has become.

I pondered, wondering what might be wrong.

Any person would be concerned.



Creepy Old Lady

By Sarah


Strolling, up, down, and all around,

Eyeing people as they rush past her,

walking or jogging.


Never ecstatic,

never miserable,

Just dazed.