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Student Profiles

Carroll School’s mission is to serve bright students with language-based learning disabilities. If your child has average to superior cognitive scores and is struggling with reading and/or writing, they will likely fit the Carroll School student profile.

Because we accept students at all grade levels every year, we would like to convey more specific criteria for your information as you research education options for your struggling learner.

To learn more about students who attend Carroll and how Carroll “Removes Obstacles,” click here to view a presentation given by Steve Wilkins, Carroll’s Head of School.

If you are the parent of a five or six year old who is struggling to acquire early reading skills, download the documents below to learn more about our Beginning Readers Program for 1st graders. 

If you would like to see a student profile for the typical Lower School student (grades one through five), click here, and if you would like to see a Middle School student profile (grades six through eight), click here.

If you are interested in the Eighth/Ninth Grade Program at Carroll, click here to learn more about appropriate applicants.