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Admission FAQs

Does my child fit the Carroll School profile for admission?

If your son or daughter has cognitive scores (e.g. WISC-IV or V) that are in the average range or above, as well as a solidly average speech and language profile, then s/he is a likely candidate. In addition to those quantitative criteria, we are also not able to support students who need direct services within their daily program for social/emotional issues, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy.

How can I finance a Carroll School education?

Carroll offers financial aid to families who qualify and demonstrate a financial need, and while we try to meet a large percentage of this demonstrated need, we do not meet 100% of need. This means that many of our families seek alternative sources of funding including help from families, help from their home school districts, and education loans from a bank.

What makes a Carroll education so unique?

Carroll combines the best practices in the instruction of reading and writing with innovative programs that improve underlying cognitive processes such as working memory, processing speed, and visual spatial processing and reasoning. Our teachers are all trained in the Orton-Gillingham pedagogy, and therefore our students spend their days surrounded by teachers who understand the best teaching approaches for students with language based learning disabilities. In addition to our specialized academic instruction, Carroll offers an extensive range of enrichment activities that includes yoga/movement classes, visual and performing arts, Bounders/ Outdoor Education classes, and physical education. We offer all the best of a small independent school to students who are struggling to learn to read in a mainstream academic environment.