Engaging. Innovative. Supportive. Successful.

Our Perspective

At Carroll School, we enroll one type of learner … students with learning challenges in reading and/or writing. We have 419 unique versions of that profile and that is why it’s our mission to give each child what he or she most needs.

How do we do that?

Careful Classroom Design

  • Responsive Classrooms
  • 3 Language Classes Each Day
  • Small Group Math Daily
  • Cognitive Development
  • Dyslexic Advantage - multiple opportunities in the arts, physical education, STEM, and other areas where dyslexic children excel
Faculty Training & Expertise
  • Professional Development
  • No Teacher Left Alone
Mission - each year, faculty renew a set of belief statements about how to educate each and every student.

Ready to learn more?

Come to one of our Information Sessions or watch this powerful conversation between our Head of School, Steve Wilkins, and Dean Bragonier, founder of NoticeAbility. Steve talks at length about our history, our approach, and our purpose.