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RAVE-O is a systematic approach to reading fluency and it is always implemented with a strong phonics program, which in our school is Orton-Gillingham. RAVE-O stands for Reading with Engagement, Automaticity, Vocabulary, and Orthography (spelling patterns). RAVE-O addresses our dyslexic students’ challenges with phonological processing (understanding of speech sounds in language) and naming speed. Naming speed refers to the rate at which a child can name letters, numbers, objects, or colors. A slow rate is associated with individuals who have difficulties with reading comprehension.

One major premise of RAVE-O is the more a child knows about a word, the better and faster the child can read and comprehend it, both at the single word level and in connected text. Students are trained to develop accurate and automatic retrieval of words in order to improve comprehension. In a systematic way, students are given multiple exposures to the most common words and patterns in the English language ultimately helping our students to become fluent readers who can more easily grasp the meaning of text. RAVE-O has more than 10 years of solid research administered at Tufts University, under the direction of Dr. Maryanne Wolf.