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Academic Programs

An Overview of the Carroll School Curriculum

The Carroll School curriculum is based on the belief that smart children with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, become successful students given proper instruction within a positive environment. Our goal is to nurture the full potential of our bright, capable students through mastery of skills, development of a “toolbox” for lifelong learning, and the celebration of the individual strengths of each student. With an overall student-teacher ratio of 3:1, our faculty is able to deliver instruction that is customized for each individual child. Carroll’s curriculum is based on the principles of the highly structured Orton–Gillingham approach and provides our students with a supportive, developmentally-appropriate platform from which they can reach their academic potential and prepare for future success.

Goals Across the Curriculum

The goal of the academic program at Carroll is to challenge and support each student as s/he learns to:

  • become a confident, engaged, self-directed learner;
  • act on the five habits of highly effective students: work collaboratively, ask questions, harness resources, use time wisely, and employ reliable memory strategies;
  • use the tools and strategies of each discipline;
  • develop a strong cognitive foundation;
  • identify and solve problems in increasingly complex contexts;
  • progress from concrete to abstract and reflective thinking;
  • connect ideas across disciplines;
  • understand that success is a direct result of effective effort;
  • communicate clearly and effectively through oral and written language.

English Language Arts Curriculum

Orton-Gillingham Tutorials

Carroll Math Curriculum: Teaching Math is Teaching Thinking

Social Studies/ History Curriculum


Science Curriculum

Cognitive Development Program

The Multis Program   

Measuring Progress