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Reflections from our Community

Andrew Gray ’73: You never forget the people who helped you make your life.

B.A. Middlebury College, M.B.A. Columbia University

Andrew Gray delivered an honest, humorous, and heartfelt presentation to Carroll’s Faculty and Staff during Carroll’s opening assembly. The following excerpts highlight the pain of Andrew’s academic struggles and his extremely ‘inventive’ younger self. Throughout his chronicle, Andrew delivers poignant messages about how Carroll School profoundly changed his life.

“I was thrilled when Headmaster Wilkins invited me to speak today. I was asked to speak on the question of why what you do here at Carroll is so critically important. …I am a Carroll alum and was a member of Carroll’s first class of students here on the Lincoln campus. …I was one of those kids who had the potential, without notice, to introduce an element of spirit-crushing misery to your day.


Kari Gray, ’93

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Student at the City University of New York

Teachers at Carroll allowed me to borrow their faith in me until I learned to have faith in myself. Without this, I doubt I would have the courage to strive as I do now. Kari  

John Defina ’87  

M.S. Bentley University, M.Ed. in Special Education (Concentration in History) Suffolk University, M.Ed. in Special Education UMASS/ Boston

At Carroll, I was taught how to learn. My teachers were able to look at my strengths—my energy and drive—and teach me how to apply these abilities to benefit my learning.


When speaking with John Defina, his energy and enthusiasm for being an educator, a reserve officer in the Air Force, and a father are striking and his accomplishments after graduating from Carroll are truly inspiring.

Prior to entering Carroll in the 6th grade, John recalls, “…I was behind by at least two grade levels and my educational foundation was rocky. Gerry Wile, my 6th grade math teacher, taught me to face my fears about learning, believe in myself as a student, and learn that I could tackle anything.”


Alumni Parent, Robin Grumman-Vogt

“We pulled my son, Tyler, out of third grade in Belmont where his self-esteem was crashing, and enrolled him at Carroll in 1986.  He spent 3.5 wonderful years at Carroll, and discovered his spatial intelligence, and how to organize his work.”

Grandparent, Nancy Gleason

“… we were completely unprepared for the excellence we encountered from the moment we stepped into the gym.   THANK YOU for inviting us and for literally saving our fabulous boy.” Nancy Gleason’s message, after attending the Lower School Special Visitors’ Day.