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Carroll School is designed specifically for children with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.


Carroll School’s student population in 2017-2018 is 419.

Carroll’s Lower School serves 163 students in the 1st through the 5th grades on our campus located at 1841 Trapelo Road in Waltham, MA.

Carroll’s Middle School serves 224 students in the 6th  through the 8th grades on our campus at 25 Baker Bridge Road in Lincoln, MA.

Carroll’s Upper Schools enrolls 32 students (8th graders new to Carroll and all 9th graders) on our campus at 45 Waltham Road in Wayland.

Our students are from over 70 different communities.

Carroll’s 150 educators (teachers and tutors) are trained specifically to educate children who have language-based learning difficulties such as dyslexia.


Our student to faculty ratio is less than 3 to1. Small classes, ranging in size from one on one tutorial to eight students, allow Carroll’s teachers to a deliver customized education to each student.


At Carroll, we teach our students to read, comprehend, and write through a structured, sequential, multi-sensory, systematic, alphabetic-phonetic approach to instruction. The principles of Orton-Gillingham are the foundation we use for teaching reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding) to our students. Forty Orton-Gillingham tutors provide individualized reading and language instruction and Language Focus Area classes provide small group instruction in a student’s area of greatest academic need.


In addition to language and literature, mathematics, science, and history classes, every student receives an additional focus area class that may be an Orton-Gillingham tutorial or small group instruction that addresses areas like—Oral Reading Fluency, Reinforcing Revision Skills, Comprehension and Vocabulary, or Writing Composition.


The educational curriculum is enriched with Physical Education, Movement, Performing Arts, Studio Art, Woodshop programs, and Bounders, a physically and mentally challenging, non-competitive program.

6. UPPER SCHOOL  (8th graders new to Carroll and all 9th grade students)

Carroll provides a challenging and supportive grade 8 and 9 program with curriculum that mirrors that of local college preparatory schools. Performance expectations will be high while targeted support will be given in order to help students achieve these high standards. Our Upper School program also provides direct and personal service in planning transition to their next high school placement.


The use of technology in the curriculum enhances Carroll’s multi-sensory approach to education by providing innovative, interactive approaches to learning. We are a Google school, enabling sharing and communication throughout our community. Each campus is fully wireless; teachers employ a variety of educational software; every classroom has an interactive whiteboard or Smart TV, which are used as an integral part of daily lessons. Our 1st-5th grade students all have iPads as well as mobile laptop carts and Writers for classroom computer access; our 6th-9th grade students are assigned individual Chromebook computers. In all three divisions, our tech labs offer 3D printers, laser cutters, routers, programming software, green-screen filming, recording technology, stop-motion video, and tablets that promote project-based learning experiences.


Our School’s summer program, Summer@Carroll, is a five-week, full-day program for children from the ages of 6-14 that provides remedial reading, writing, and math classes in the mornings and camp-based activities in the afternoons.


The tuition for the 2017-2018 year is $48,500 with approximately 70 families receiving some form of need-based financial aid awarded by the School. Because of the remedial nature of our school, tuition and related expenses may be eligible for a medical tax deduction.


Carroll School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE). The Massachusetts Department of Education has approved Carroll School as a private special education school program.

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